📬 Do you submit a letter of recommendation with your resume? 🤔

With any applications, a jobseeker typically has the belief that more works better. Sending various project lists, a coverletter, a list of references, a resume, a CV…well you get the idea. And one of those documents a lot of people wonder about — the recommendation letter. Well allow me to send you a direct answer without carrying on too long:

LONG ANSWER: No save them for the interview and hand in only if they compliment a part of the interview in which they were mentioned. Otherwise, keep them handy for the interview in case there’s an opportunity to present or are requested. Having said this, most hiring managers/recruited would’ve vetted you by now so they’re kind of pointless at that point.

DIRECT ANSWER: No, they only need the name and contact info of your last 3 employers and preferably your direct managers at those jobs. List them on a separate document so they’re ready upon request (which is roughly after conversation #1 or #2 with the hiring party, be it the company or a staffing firm.

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