10 Best Ways to Attract Hiring Managers for an Interview Using Your Resume

You know how important your resume is, especially the resume that is not only interesting but the kind that stands out. It should be the kind of resume that can without doubt attract hiring managers’ attention even after just a few seconds of reading it.

Hiring managers are busy people and so you cannot expect them to read every resume in front of them, one by one. So when writing your resume, it has to be the kind that you can be sure to end up in the pile to ‘invite for interview’. But how can that be possible? Here are the 10 best ways to do that!

1.     Know about the resume format that works for you. Is it the standard, professional, chronological, federal, combination, functional or student? It is important to know since each resume format can positively emphasize your skills and hide your limits.

2.     Have your resume keyword-optimized. Most recruiters these days use ATS or applicant tracking system to filter the most relevant candidates to the job ads. In the case, make sure to use the relevant skills and keywords in your resume to put you at the top of the pile.

3.     Attract attention of hiring managers with modern resume template. Hiring managers are professional so you can expect they know the trends these days. If you want to impress them, consider using recent resume templates to pattern your resume.

4.     Write targeted resume instead of common resumes if you want to get invited for interview. What attracts hiring managers to targeted resume is that they are much detailed providing the details they are looking for.

5.     Instead of wring resume objective, write about you and what you’ve accomplished. Hiring managers look for what you have achieved in your previous work and how that experience is relevant to the position you’re applying. Better place them at the header section of your resume.

6.     Don’t ever say anything unprofessional or negative about your previous jobs. Doing so shows how honest you really are and if you don’t want your future employer thinking that you can also badmouth them just like your ex-employer then don’t hope that you’ll ever be hired, let alone interviewed.

7.     Stat facts and use metrics to clearly state your achievements. Providing these can help put emphasis to your effectiveness as an employee so focus on facts not just on the processes and actions you took.

8.     Have your resume proofread for grammar mistakes, especially spelling errors. Your resume is likely going through an ATS and systems such as those are keen with errors on grammar and spelling. More so, professional hiring managers hate to see those mistakes.

9.     When writing your resume and your achievements, leverage it using PAR statements. PAR (Problem, Action and Results) statements are the best structure that you can format your achievements and experiences the way that highlight your skills.

10.  Attached your resume with the best written cover letter. With cover letter, you can further explain what skills and experiences you can share with them. Together with the best written resume, this will definitely get your hiring manager invite your for an interview.

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