10 Most Creative Resume Examples of 2013

The Cereal Box Resume from Victor Rodriquez

The Cereal Box Resume from Victor Rodriguez

Samuel J. Mallett’s Resume Poster

Samuel J. Mallett's Resume Poster

Chuck D Lay’s Resume Advertorial

Chuck D Lay's Resume Advertorial

Loren Burton’s elegant AirBNB Resume

Loren Burton's elegant AirBNB Resume

Oona’s Adorable Artist Resume

Oona's Adorable Artist Resume

Josh Butler’s eBay Auction Resume

Josh Butler's eBay Auction Resume

Nicholas’ Resume Bar

3D Printed Resume Head

A freelance creative in NYC decided to get noticed by 3D printing his head at Makerbot's headquarters and sending it to prospective employers with the tag line: "Tiny head big ideas." It was featured on PFSK.

Resume on Fabric


Cootie Catcher Resume

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