10 Quick & Easy Ways to Age-Proof Your Resume for the 2021 Hiring Season (Slideshow + Examples)

Let’s be honest, ageism exists and it sucks. People with a ton of experience and ever more wisdom face the harsh realities that some companies will want to hire younger. And cheaper.

However, understand that it’s the interview that can dictate your outcome. In the interview room, you can take control. You can grab them by the arms (not physically of course) and shake their belief in you as a viable candidate. As someone that can demonstrate value and not only be a solid fit for the role but someone they should’ve hired yesterday. An interview room is your last stand in proving just how well you’ll gel with them. Be one of the team members, and a liked one at that. An interview room is your one hour to let fate take its natural course, but not without a little push in the right direction.

The tricky part for an accomplished job seeker? Getting into that room. Red flags are a real thing. Recruiters do have an “eye” they use in 6 seconds to see if they should keep reading. So do yourself a favor, eliminate (or at least reduce) those red flags and get yourself into that interview room!

Here are some quick examples in how to help alleviate the red flags on the resume, and concerns of being an older job seeker:

What are some ideas on how you can avoid looking outdated or irrelevant on your resume or in your job hunt? What are some issues you may be facing as an older and more accomplished job seeker?

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