11 Resume Writer Insights

1. Tailor the resume to fit the personality/industry. Use color and choose modern or traditional fonts ” whichever seems to fit best.  Know when to integrate quantitative measurements or what other types of accomplishments are important for a professional in this field/industry.

2. Welcome feedback on content and format so clients believe they have a lot of input and don’t have to just accept what is provided.  Ask follow-up questions or include questions in the resume draft ” asking the right questions increases your value as a writer.

3. Educate the client and provide insight if they are unsure why a certain design or information was incorporated.  Ultimately, provide the expertise but do what will make the client feel most comfortable.

4. Listen to the client’s words and take notes on the words they place value on.  Shape their background while giving consideration to “their voice” ” if you integrate that they’ll love it!

5. If you don’t know something ” Google it.  This applies to software, acronyms, anything.  This verifies the data and ensures resume integrity.  It gives clients the perception you are an expert in their field.

6. Request a phone call right away if you think it will avoid issues down the road.

7. Save the top section of the resume for last ” once you have a big picture of the person’s background based on their history, you can really work up a great summary.

8. Do quick searches on indeed.com for job ads if you’re not as familiar with a client’s specific area of work or stuck on how to ‘position’ the client.

9. Meet the deadlines, block scheduled times to work, finish one project at a time ” be thorough.  Focus on quality and rephrasing to help clients stand out and gain impact.

10. Respond to emails quickly.

11. Be professional but friendly.

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