3 Ways People With Disabilities Can Use The Internet to Enhance Their Careers

If you’re a person with a disability getting ready to launch your career, you should know that technology has provided quite an advantage than it did even just a few years ago. Between having the ability to go back to school online to learn new skills, the flexibility to work – and start a business – from home, and having access to technology, you should definitely consider using the net to boost your business endeavors.

Online Education

In addition to educational podcasts and websites, you can also go back to school to earn your degree, which will open up many more professional possibilities.

Opportunities to enhance your academic knowledge, work toward a degree, or gain certifications are virtually endless. IT, engineering, and business are just a few of the many fields with ample growth that also happen to be prime for online learning. You may also consider remote learning if you want to break into healthcare management, coordination, or nursing. An online degree will give you the knowledge you need to better serve your future patients.

Once you graduate, there are also many routes to online work. If you’ve chosen healthcare, for example, you might go into telemedicine or work remotely verifying insurance claims for hospitals and doctors’ offices.

Remote Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Whether you decide to go back to school or not, the internet also provides lots of room for starting your own business. You can start a business online with little to no money down, which means very little risk on your part. All you need is a computer, a smart idea, or the ability to apply your knowledge and expertise to an existing type of endeavor.

Affiliate marketing, blogging, video broadcasting, and drop shipping are all examples of businesses you can start from home. You are not limited to these, and you may even go into business for yourself as a freelance business consultant. This is a particularly good idea for those of you who wish to have the flexibility of remote work with the unlimited income potential of entrepreneurship.

Another business to consider: chatbots. While this relatively nascent technology may still sound futuristic to some, Entrepreneur calls chatbots a gold rush. If you have the skills to build a chatbot, you can sell your creation to small businesses that don’t have the money to invest in the big-box packages widely available.

Tech Traction

Technology also means access to tools and services that can help you compensate for your disabilities. Video captioning is a prime example. Hearing Like Me explains that deaf and hard of hearing people can simply click a button on most YouTube videos to read a flowing caption of the text right on the screen.

If you have visual impairments, there are plenty of screen reading tools that can also help you keep up. Screen reader programs may display text in a different color, read words that you highlight, or dictate an entire screen full of text. Microsoft’s Windows 10 is also set up with accessibility features for people with low vision, which enhances contrast, makes the text larger, and allows you to use Narrator and Cortana to control your device.

This is just a small list of ways that technology has enhanced the playing field for people with disabilities. Whether you have mobility issues and cannot physically go to a location or visual impairments that make working on a computer more difficult, today’s tech means that the job of your dream is within reach without the hindrances our parents and grandparents may have experienced.

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