4 Online Jobs for People in Healthcare

4 Online Jobs for People in Healthcare

A recent survey revealed that 47% of US healthcare professionals plan on leaving their current position within the next three years. When surveyed, many professionals listed burnout in the past two years as the reason. Though many of them still want to work in the medical industry, most healthcare professionals still have intentions of leaving, as difficulties in the past years have taken a toll on them, both physically and mentally.

Fortunately, if you’re one of those healthcare professionals, there are in-demand online jobs in healthcare that you can consider. These will allow you to remain in the industry without having to get too burnt out from constantly working on-site. If you’re interested, here are a few online jobs to look into:


Work-from-home pharmacists receive prescriptions and prepare these medications for shipment, albeit remotely. In some cases, they may ship the prescriptions by mail. They also instruct patients on their medication’s side effects, the proper dosage, and the schedule of consumption — all of which is done online. Additional tasks may also include answering patients’ questions and concerns. A doctorate in pharmacy is a must, as well as passing the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination and the Multistate Pharmacy Jurisprudence Examination, and finally, a pharmacist license.

However, the licensure per state can vary. For one, online pharmacists in California need to have a minimum of 900 hours in pharmacy practice, while in Arkansas it’s 500 hours. It’s best to check these details first before deciding to switch to this career.

Nurse Practitioner

These online health professionals are advanced practice registered nurses. They assess, diagnose, and look after patients. Additionally, they are authorized to order diagnostic and lab tests for patients and prescribe their medication. Nurse practitioners need an educational background in nursing such as a master’s degree or higher. They also need certification from a national credentialing body like the American Nurses Credentialing Center State licensure.

Do note that licensure requirements will vary per location. In New York, the fee for certification and initial registration to practice is $85. Meanwhile, online nurse practitioners in North Carolina need a $100 approval fee to practice with every new physician. It also helps if they’re based in the same area as their patients, as they may need to be called on-site in case of emergencies — however rarely.

Medical Transcriptionist

This career involves transcribing medical reports dictated by healthcare practitioners such as physicians and nurses. These reports can range from voice files to notes from a lecture. Insights from the transcriptions are then used for several purposes, such as updating a patient’s health record. Education and training for this are obtained through certification programs, associate degrees, or on-the-job training in hospitals.

There’s no license for this, but companies will most likely look for a certification. Online medical transcriptionists in the US must pass two exams by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity in order to receive a certification, which will establish their knowledge and expertise in the field.

Speech-language Pathologist

A speech-language pathologist assesses and diagnoses people with speech, language, and communication disorders. They help patients overcome their unique conditions by working with them to make certain sounds or speak more fluently. A degree in speech therapy or a similar path is required for this profession as well as a master’s in speech-language pathology. A passing score in the Praxis Examination in Speech-Language Pathology should be obtained before getting state licensure. Similar to the other professions mentioned, this varies per state.

Online speech-language pathologists in Texas need to complete a clinical fellowship and pass a Jurisprudence exam in addition to the Praxis. In Massachusetts, two licenses must be obtained from the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and the Board of Registration in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology.

If you’re looking to continue your medical career online, consider these options today. For application tips, do check out this post on resume takeaways from healthcare recruiters.

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