5 Advantages You Didn’t Know a Certified Professional Resume Writer Uses During COVID-19

If you are one of the 38.6 Million who Have Filed For Unemployment Since March, you know the stress and challenges of navigating a job search during a pandemic.

Who is hiring? How do I make my resume stand out and get recognized? How do I address gaps in employment?

Whatever your unique circumstances, now more than ever, having a certified professional help you craft your next resume will set you up for job search success.

#1 Gain a Competitive Advantage (ahead of potentially hundreds or thousands of other applicants)

How do you stand out in a sea of applicants? It’s tough these days. So many talented people are entering the job market, looking for many of the same positions and companies who are hiring.

As a certified professional resume writer, I know what hiring managers are looking for and how they process applicants through their ATS or applicant tracking system!

#2 Answer That Age-Old Question, “Why should they pick me for the job?”

I am often asked questions from job seekers searching for ways to differentiate themselves:

  • “Do I have any value to provide an employer?”
  • “How can I present that value on my resume?”
  • “How does the employer understand the value I offer?”

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, I will help you articulate the value YOU offer an employer. By asking targeted questions!

#3 Get Personalized Tools to Make Your Job Search Easier!

First impressions are everything! Are you using a Microsoft Word Resume Template to stand out? If so, you probably look like the rest of the resumes a hiring manager or recruiter sees day-in and day-out.

A Certified Professional Resume Writer will support you in developing resumes (yes, I said resumes – plural – resumes are no longer one-size-fits-all) to make sure your resume is unique to you!

#4 See yourself in the best light and gain confidence!

It’s not uncommon for job seekers to struggle with frustration or even lowness (e.g., if they receive a “rejection” letter) in the job search process.  During this pandemic, a job search can seem to amplify the uncertainty.

That is why a Certified Professional Resume Writer is the perfect addition to your toolbox of career search tools.  During the resume writing process, you will gain more confidence as you uncover all the strengths you have to offer a potential employer!

#5 It’s Our Job to Get You A JOB

Just like you go to the doctor when you are sick or the auto mechanic when your car breaks down, consider working with a Certified Professional Resume Writer to get your job search health back on track!

You need someone on your side to connect the value you offer with what companies need. That’s what career professionals do. Professionalism and certification go hand in hand!


Whether you’re new to the job hunt, or a job seeker that just hasn’t found the right fit yet, a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and PARW/CC Member could be just the thing you need to get you to the next level.

PARW/CC is the longest standing professional resume writing and career coaching association in the industry with more than 2,000 members and offering four career management credentials.

Working together, we can move your life and the lives of your families, forward to better things for years to come.

Don’t let COVID-19 get you down. There are still opportunities out there that we will find for you together.

Thank you for reading! Please visit www.jobstickers.com to keep up with all of MJW Careers’ content, and visit www.mjwcareers.com or email warz65@gmail.com (or call 855-YES-EMPLOYEES) to learn more about our resume writing, interview training, career coaching or outplacement services and solutions.

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