5 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Career

Spring is here, and that means most of us are gearing up for some long-awaited spring cleaning. Whether that means clearing out your closet, shredding old paperwork, or re-organizing the garage, we know that spring cleaning is a nice opportunity to remove the clutter and clear out the cobwebs ” literally and figuratively.

We know you’ll have no trouble sprucing things up around the home, but what about spring cleaning your professional life? If you’re seeking a new position, it’s our job at MJW Careers to polish our clients’ assets so that they shine during their interviews, and ultimately get the job. Ready to give your professional strategy a good scrubbing? Here are a few tips to set you up for success.

1. Update Your Resume

If one of your favorite spring cleaning rituals is reevaluating your closet, followed by removing old items and replacing them with new pieces, think of updating your resume as a similar concept. How often do you update your resume? If it’s not regularly, then you’re not allowing this powerful tool to showcase all of your skills and experiences. Don’t worry if you’re unsure about what to change; our expert resume writers are here to help you create a one that you’ll feel confident submitting to potential employers.

2. Freshen Up Your Interview Skills

When you’re actively applying for positions, you know that an interview is typically the next step in the job hunting process. So even if your resume is stellar, and you’ve already picked out your power outfit, are you ready to walk into that interview with the right amount of confidence? If you need a refresher on your basics, our interview trainers are happy to assist. By the time you go through our sessions and mock interview, all those nerves will disappear, and you’ll leave that interview with an unforgettable first impression.

3. Review Your Interview Wardrobe

As we look towards warmer temperatures, you may start putting away those heavy sweaters and scarves and making way for brighter colors and lighter clothing. If you have an interview coming up, what you wear is a key part in perfecting that first impression. What you wear will vary depending on the type of industry to which you’re applying.  Reviewing a company’s website may help you determine what the expected dress code is, especially if it features photos or videos of actual employees. Whether you decide to wear a suit, or something a little more business casual, make sure you choose an outfit that you feel comfortable in, and is appropriate for the company’s environment.

4. Clean Up Your Online Presence

According to a 2018 Career Builder Survey, 70% of employers use social media to screen candidates during the hiring process. Why? Because it’s a way to get a glimpse of someone’s personality beyond the resume, and to ensure that a potential employee is a good fit with the company. Start by reviewing your social accounts and checking your privacy settings. Many don’t realize that posts, photos and videos are set to a “public” default setting, meaning everyone can view them even if he or she isn’t following you. If there’s anything you would like to keep between family and friends, adjust your settings before you start applying to jobs.

5. Work with a Career Professional

If you find yourself in a job searching slump and unsure of your next step, contact our experts at MJW Careers. It’s our goal to guide clients to the right career by consulting with you on what’s working, what’s not, and how you’d like to move forward. We hope you try out a few of our tips, and we look forward to helping you succeed!

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