A Business Obstacle I Had to Overcome to Be Better

💪 An obstacle I had encountered in business and learned to not only admit to, but also overcame was my natural reaction to what I thought was a perceived threat, and those were my competitors.
Early on, I was somewhat reclusive to clients only, and maybe a little networking for overall client support improvement and of course to solicit sales. However, interfacing and collaborating with another resume writer? Hell no!
Boy was that dumb. I was so wrong.
Only within the last few years have I finally figured out something I live by today. Something I learned to understand and then once I did. Voilà. More happiness when I’m grinding out my day.
Happiness knowing this one small mindset shift made a world of a difference. Being around people again was the action, more enjoyment to not be rushed by the clock and even worse, the almighty dollar, the reaction.
This mindset shift?
I started to enjoy supporting my competition. Working with them. Sharing ideas. Collaborating insights. All for the greater good of the client. To ensure we’re delivering the most effective job hunting solutions to each and every one of them. People’s livelihoods, sometimes thousands of dollars, are at stake.
They’re relying on us for HELP.
It’s our job to be prepared for this great responsibility.
After all, according to one of the godfathers of the resume writing business, we’re in the social services space. HR is apart of our world, but we’re in the business of helping change lives. One profession at a time.
Go help someone out. Be better. Your business will be just fine. It’s the clients that matter most. Do your work so they can get to work. 💪 ❤️
Be well friends.

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  1. April 3, 2021 at 10:44 am

    One year’s seeding makes seven years weeding.

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