A client of mine approached me with a fundamental question:

“One question I would like your guidance on:  I’m not sure whether to include my education on my resume, since my work career is now 18 years post-school.  I do have an in-depth technical background in one type of engineering, but I’m not sure whether mentioning this would set me apart from other resumes for sales/marketing positions.  Or is including an education section on my resume irrelevant oreven detrimental.  Looking for your advice on this.  For example, below job posting says MBA preferred.  I don’t have one, but I do have a master’s in engineering (actually, doctorate too).  Should Imention these degrees on those job postings that mention MBA, to show that I do have post-college education?”

My Response:

To answer your question, YES! Keep education because those degrees will get you into the interview room for some of the jobs. Without it, you’re not even considered in some spots! I would also put that information on your cover letter if it’s related to the opening or mandated by the company. It is not necessary on your cover letter if it’s impertinent to the job. However, again, ALWAYS keep education on your resume.

We will keep it short and to the point though so it doesn’t take too much space for the good stuff on top.

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