ALERT: LinkedIn’s New Skills Insights Tool Is Fancy AF

⚠️ ALERT: LinkedIn’s New Skills Insights Tool Is Fancy AF 🧐

Ah, skills.

Also called “buzzwords,” or a core competency section (or areas of expertise).

As a former recruiter, I understood how important skills were on a resume.

I would look at my hiring manager’s open requisition and identify what “buzzwords” I could use on searches to help identify the right candidates in hopes one of them would fit into the opening.

It also helps to use terms that resonate with the hiring managers. Things that live in breath in their space or department. It helps show your alignment with the use of as few letters and resume white space as possible.

The world of work is constantly changing, which means the skills required to stay competitive in your career field may shift over time as well. As a job seeker, it’s important to regularly evaluate how your skills align with employers’ current needs.

So LinkedIn just dropped a super sweet Github-based “Skills Insights Tool.” This beast can give you valuable data-driven insights into the skills evolution happening within your industries of interest.

LinkedIn’s Future of Skills tool analyzes the skills listings on hundreds of millions of member profiles to detect trends in the skills most requested by employers over the past few years. For any given job title or industry, you can see exactly which skills have grown or declined in importance from 2015 to 2022. The tool even predicts how much skills for a role may change between now and 2025.

This type of foresight into emerging in-demand competencies is extremely useful for proactively updating your skills portfolio before openings arise.

A few ways job seekers can leverage LinkedIn’s Future of Skills insights:

  1. Research your current job title/field and make a plan to develop any skills listed as “new” or rapidly increasing in the last few years.These are abilities employers likely value more now.
  2. Consider a career pivot if your existing skills seem outdated compared to shifting priorities in your industry. The data may point you toward adjacent roles utilizing similar skillsets.
  3. If thinking of switching industries, evaluate which transferable skills are core across options using the cross-industry comparison.
  4. Incorporate new buzzworthy skills into your resume, online profiles, and job applications to showcase your relevance.
  5. Discuss insights from your role research directly with recruiters in cover letters to demonstrate labor market awareness.

By taking just 30 minutes to analyze skills trends on LinkedIn’s tool, you can get the inside scoop on what skills will serve you – and attract employers – best going forward. Stay ahead of the curve and optimize your skills for the future of work using this complimentary yet powerful resource.

Need help finding more skills for your resume to help improve your perceived worth?

I would add “buzzwords” you can find from the job descriptions, LinkedIn endorsements section, -> LinkedIn Jobs -> Resume Builder -> Create From Profile -> Job Title,  ChatGPT: “Find 15 keywords an ATS requires for (TITLE) in the (INDUSTRY) indusry”,, and to filter into your resume to comply with the ATS.

You want to work on incorporating keywords and strategies for the digital application process. Not only do these applicant tracking systems (ATS) organize and sort applications, they can also be programmed to screen candidates based on what content you include in your resume.

At this point, recruiters can search submissions using keywords and phrases to identify candidates to advance through the hiring process.

It’s mandatory on your resume. You need to add this core competency section.

Continue to add to these as you acquire more experience that brings along new methodologies, leadership strategies or styles, and additional technical aptitude.

And fill the resume up with hard skills! Leave the soft skills as adjectives in the summary section. That is the only place soft skills should be mentioned.

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