Any Benefits to a Part-Time Job During Coronavirus?

Part-time work allows for a couple things. It enables you to fill in any gaps on your resume with something that shows you’re still working while searching for a full-time role. Also allows for different skill capturing. You not only brush up on skills you already possess, but learning new ones can be leveraged into statements on your resume, as well as any other transferable contributions or competencies.

Given the current circumstances, some industries that are hiring right now are grocery stores, some fast food chains or door-to-door delivery services (pizza delivery, Doordash), administrative (medical offices, insurance companies) and logistics (warehousing, truck driving).

Some solid resources would be ?? is a great job board. It ranks #1 because it’s an aggregator that pulls from many different boards. Also Snagajob is solid for part-time work and honestly, your local newspaper (digital or print) will advertise openings in the area. Finally, a simple Google search (“part-time job openings near me”) seems to work just fine as Google continuously works towards immediate search results.

In terms of scheduling, rather balancing your schedule, I think at a time like this, it’s best to swallow your pride, understand a lot of people are still very uncertain of things to come or any sort of timeline, buckle down and do what’s best for them and/or their family. Now is not a time to be concerned with the type of job if you are barely surviving and need to put food on the table during a world-wide economic downshift. And yes, scheduling will matter depending on your circumstances.

To stand out from the competition, one must ensure that they’re filling out the application and/or submitting your resume correctly is half the battle. Ensuring you speak to your accomplishments over tasks in an interview or on your resume, and sticking to what’s relevant towards this part-time job. If you were a former financial analyst attempting to be a forklift driver, you may need some continuing education or certification, or need to speak to your transferable skills/knowledge towards warehousing.

Some final advice, and I know it’s cliche, but it stands true for anything — don’t give up any job hunting if it’s what you need to do, dress one level up from the job you’re interviewing for, and who you know always works best. And please bring your spell-checked resume to the interview!

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