Career Goals: 2019 Edition

A new year is often viewed as an opportunity to make positive changes, personally or professionally. And at MJW Careers, it’s our resolution to help individuals and businesses in the latter when it comes to finding their way to the right career path. Are you an entry-level student seeking your first professional career, or perhaps a retiree looking to reenter the workforce? Are you a business owner currently going through a transition that involves seeking outplacement services or recruitment help? When you have the right experts by your side, navigating through your career goals is easier than you think! If you’re ready to make some changes in 2019, here are some ways we can help you take on the new year.

Job Seekers

The idea of looking for a new job can seem daunting, no matter how many times you’ve gone through the experience. Your resume must be updated and professional, yet with a personal, visual touch to represent you in the best light. And when it comes to interviews, confidence and a positive first impression is key. One of the best ways to ensure you have a standout resume is to work with one of our professional resume writers. Whether in-person or by phone, we have dedicated copywriters experienced in helping create resumes for any industry you’re interested in entering. Once you discuss your requirements with us, we’ll get to work drafting your resume and won’t stop making revisions until you’re 100% confident handing it to potential employers.

If you’ve handed in your resume and a potential employer asks you to come in for an interview, get excited, not nervous! There’s a reason they want to get to you know better, and this is your time to show them the type of employee you could be. According to an article from Forbes, the top three traits employers are looking for in new hires are professionalism, high-energy and confidence. To help you shine in all three qualities, we offer interview training sessions. We’ll review with the you the basics of the interview process, pros and cons of your previous interview experiences, and schedule a “mock” interview to review and discuss how you can nail your real one when the time comes.


Sometimes a new year brings obstacles that must be overcome before you can begin to achieve a desired goal. If you’re in human resources and your company is going through a difficult change like layoffs, there is a lot of uncertainty in the environment for those losing their jobs or picking up the additional work. Transitioning employees should be handled professionally and sensitively, and that’s why we offer outplacement solutions to companies that need support. It’s our goal to help ease the anxieties of career changing with face-to-face consultations, online job search assistance, resume writing, networking, and more. We want to know and understand each and every individual’s skills, wants and needs to ensure we find the right jobs for the right people.

With a new year upon us, it’s time to look toward new opportunities that will take us to the next level in our careers. Ready to take on 2019 with us? If you’re still unsure, check out what other clients have said about their experiences with MJW Careers. Contact us today and we’ll prove to you or your business that we’re behind you every step of the way with your career needs and goals.

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