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Career Goals: 2019 Edition

A new year is often viewed as an opportunity to make positive changes, personally or professionally. And at MJW Careers, it’s our resolution to help individuals and businesses in the latter when it comes to finding their way to the right career path. Are you an entry-level student seeking your first professional career, or perhaps a retiree looking to reenter the workforce? Are you a business owner currently going through a transition that involves seeking

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New Book Being Released in Spring 2019!

Exciting news here at MJW Careers! We have officially hired our editor and illustrator for our newest book release in Spring of 2019. The next book in the How to Get UnUnEmployed Series — Fill That Calendar! 22 Daily Step-By-Step Ways and Daily Motivators to Kickstart Your Career and Find a Job in Under 6 Weeks (An Interactive Guide) Stay tuned for updates and purchasing information!


MJW Careers Wins Customer Service Excellence Award!

Just received wonderful news that MJW Careers won the Spectrum Award for Excellent Customer Service in 2018! So excited that we earned recognition and I promise to continue to provide the very best of consumer experiences, with the goal of helping my client achieve career freedom and an improved livelihood! Thanks so much City Beat!