Celebrate World Mental Health Day!

To celebrate #WorldMentalHealthDay, I want to shine a light on those survivors out there who pushed past the dizziness and vertigo.

Who pushed past the immediate worries that clog your mind when waking up from sleep.

Who pushed past words like “crazy” so casually dropped in society.

Who pushed past that feeling of hopelessness, lostness, or loneliness.

Mental health is like a body part (I mean it is the brain people!), even if those who were lucky enough to never experience the dark capacities of the mind.

The parts where you’d never think to visit.

Sometimes that feeling of panic attacks is what still keeps me grounded and understanding of my subconscious.

Am I drinking too much?

Am I slacking too much?

Am I not sleeping enough?

I tend to think of my mental health issues as a mile marker for my life. Am I driving too fast? Will I blow right past my exit? Do I need to slow down some?

If you’re struggling with mental health, the absolute first step is to start doing something different.

If you used to play piano all the time, maybe integrate it back into your routine?

Loved church but found it hard to commit your schedule to? Try online Mass!

Enjoy running but find it hard to get motivated? Try to walk your neighborhood and continue adding minutes each day or week.

The important thing to remember is that sometimes your mental health is just your subconscious standing up and telling you to chill the F out.

Reach out to people for help. It’s a lot easier battling this with someone in your life. And be gentle to those around you trying to help.

Everybody is different. Some people are born with struggles simply due to chemistry.

For some people, it’s a war and they’re trying to just win a battle here and there.

And that’s OK too. Be gentle. Offer help. Be kind. Offer advice.

And never. Absolutely never…poke fun at mental health. Grow the F up if you do.

You think it’s easy to navigate life with all this chaos?

As mentioned in the newly released book, Smart Brevity by the team at Axios and Politico, “We’re wallowing in noise and nonsense most of our waking hours. And flopping over in bed for little dabs and jabs while we sleep. It’s the madness of the modern mind.”

Let me know if you ever need a sounding board for advice. I’d be glad to lend an ear for anyone struggling with mental health.

And remember, you’ve got this. One step at a time. One day at a time. One change at a time.

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