A friend of a friend…

Veronica was a former resume writing client who came to us after having spent almost 10 years in the armed forces, specifically making daily sacrifices for us civilians as part of the Nuclear Propulsion Training and Management program. Her goal was to communicate these wonderful transferable skills and accomplishments for targeting a Maintenance Technician or Maintenance Supervisory role within the Data Center space. We focused on certain ATS-compliant keywords and a layout that best fits her industry and role. Flash forward 3 months and, well, take a look at the email I just received from her friend who is now seeking help on his job hunt! Woohoo! Way to go Veronica! Your service will not be forgotten!

How can we help you shift gears and set yourself up competitively enough to forge ahead in a new career and cut down on those interview request lead times? If we can help you with your career change or new resume development in general, tap us today! Take $25 off with code #MILITARY when emailing warz65@gmail.com.

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