Wait, there are more marketing documents I can use to get hired!?

Thomas came to me needed a new sales-based resume. He had the achievements and skills but was struggling to identify how to formulate the proper messaging. Frankly, he didn’t know what to leave in and what to leave out. Plus, he wanted to resume-esque writing to bring it all together.

We authored his resume and cover letter to match that of his preferred role.

Next, Thomas wanted a sales 1-sheet and a 10-page “brag” book.

These are 2 marketing documents that sales professionals use that either provides a quick snapshot of major successes (1-sheet) and an overall comprehensive look into the background and proficiencies the candidate can provide (brag book).

Did you know that I develop 1-sheets for all sorts of job seekers as a networking tool, as well as for business owners, speakers, consultants, and sales professionals?

Thank you again, Thomas! Way to go buddy!

“WOW! Thank you. WOW, WOW…Monday and no rush fee?? Dude, you are classic! Thanks. Yes!!! This looks awesome!! Thank you so much. Thank you, Matt, so glad I found you! Wow, I read in one of your reviews…someone spoke of “Matt magic” I totally get it…..you got a lifelong customer with me. Thank you so much!! I believe your resume got me my current interview so fast. It’s for a medical device position, I made it to the 3rd and final round of interviews. The face-to-face interview will be happening in early Jan. Thanks again, brother! Also, FYI, my recruiter said that is the best brag book that she has seen in her 20+ years of doing this. She was absolutely blown away. This will definitely give me the upper hand in the interview process. Wanted to let you know. You are “next level” Not sure how I found you…..you are in another league. I’m more thankful than you know.”

Having helped thousands of #jobseekers throughout my 16-year history in Human Resources and Human Services, please consider tapping me to help guide you through your #careertransition?

❓What other documents do you know of that can help position your better towards your targeted role? Chime in over here with your thoughts!

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