This One’s Personal…

🀎 My buddy Seth Conner came to me with some much-needed help, having been a fellow business owner himself.

🧑 He was in the same boat I see a lot of my clients are in: SMB owners seeking some full-time opportunities.

πŸ€” But his biggest issues:

πŸ‘‰ Where to start?

πŸ‘‰ How to start?

πŸ‘‰ What to get on his resume so it’s relevant?

πŸ‘‰ What’s changed in the job hunting game since he last worked as a salaried employee over 10 years ago?

πŸ‘‰ What’s the market like?

πŸ‘‰ How to handle the interviews?

🀎 This is why I love my job. Educating clients. Helping them cut through it all. For me, it’s easy.

🧑 For the jobseeker? Not so much.

🀎 And that’s OK to seek out experts no matter what you’re doing. People who do this stuff all day, soak it up so you can lean on them.

🧑 That’s why I take pride in keeping my thumb on the pulse of the job-hunting game.

🀎 It is a game.

🧑 Silly since we’re talking livelihoods here, but still a game.

🀎 So play it right. Thousands of potential dollars are at stake.

🧑 Life’s real.


Part I: “Hey my man! I just got off a call with a recruiter for PlanView in Austin, TX. It looks like a great company, and it was a really good call, surprisingly… she really liked my resume, so much so that I began to think I may have over-inflated my credentials. I’m a little nervous now, lol!But we had a great conversation, I just need to do well on the following interviews.On a side note, she liked my resumΓ© so much, I had to tell her that I got some help from a professional. She asked if I could give her your contact info because from time to time she likes to help people out when their shit is lacking (like mine was, lol!)So you just got referred to a huge tech company in Austin. I hope you get business from it!”

Part II: “Hey My Man, So I’m expecting some communication back by Thursday of next week. Funny thing, I was there to interview for a Product Manager role, but because of my background, she asked if I would be interested in a Product Marketing Manager role that was just listed about 12 hours ago. I said yes, therefore; I was the first candidate to interview for that role. But either way, I’m in the running for both positions I think. So late next week I’ll probably get the call to schedule a meeting for early the following week… maybe? Yeah, we should connect on role playing. As for the recommendations or referrals; absolutely. Social proof through reviews is big on my priority list for all my clients. I help them solicit their customers to get more of those online because they are ESSENTIAL! So yeah, I’ll get that to you. And feel free to use what I emailed you last for a testimonial as well.”

Part III: “Matt and I connected at a moment when I needed help dusting off my resumΓ© and putting myself out there again, seeking employment. He is very knowledgeable as a subject matter expert in his space. Because of the Covid pandemic, remote positions were vastly accessible, but I also needed to standout among the growing competition. To get my foot in the door, I needed help and Matt got me there. He helped me transcribe my experience into a well formulated ResumΓ©, helped coach me for new interview process, and was pivotal in my transition back into the work force. Thanks Matt!”

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