These 4 walls are pretty rad!

Amanda is an Early Career Salesforce Administration & Software Development Professional who came to us from the hospitality world with her sights set on tech. She was enrolled in her IT coursework while simultaneously working a remote, part-time role as a Student Coach/Mentor at the university. Successfully, she earned her Front-End Developer Certificate and we built her messaging around her academic gains relating to skills (buzzwords) and accomplishments, even if they were mainly project based. Well I received this wonderful piece of news in my LinkedIn InMail last evening. WOOHOO! Way to go Amanda! Keep up the solid efforts and continue to push forward in your career! How can we help you shift gears and set yourself up competitively enough to forge ahead in a new career and cut down on those interview request lead times? Email and I can help you figure it out!


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    What is in the marrow is hard to take out of the bone.

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