Cold Emailing a Potential Employer (With Example!)

Sometimes emailing a new contact can be daunting. What do you say that ensures a response, or at least a non-block after you send it? How much or how less do you convey? How do you not come off as desperate and still be helpful? Well I had the pleasure of listening in on a recent Zoom webinar with some top IT recruiters in Silicon Valley and they mentioned some sweet guidelines to follow. Here is a sample message you can use to drive conversation on say a LinkedIn messaging platform, as well as some takeaways under that. Just fill in the bold parts with your information!


I see we share a mutual connection, so I’m reaching out with the hope of getting your help breaking into NAME OF DEPARTMENT! I’m making a big transition out of NAME OF ROLE (at a remarkable time), so I’d love to hear what life is like for you as a NAME OF COLD CONTACT’S ROLE and how you’ve found success at NAME OF COMPANY.

Thank you for your time and any insights on how I can improve my candidacy as a viable fit within your organization. Would love to connect! Here is my LinkedIn Profile (insert hyperlink, not full LinkedIn URL).



The benefits?
-it shows action
-it’s simple and brief, and not hard to read with large words
-it shows that you looked at their profile and that you’re asking for them to talk about themselves
-it shows a little about what you’re looking for
-it calls out the weird times we’re in (could gain empathy)
-it’s inoffensive
-it ends with a soft selling call-to-action
-it’s not asking for help, it’s trying to build a relationship without being annoying
-do not send a resume in this outreach – it can make them feel like it’s work without having a relationship. Wait until the followup to include data like that

-remember it’s OK to reach out to someone up to 2-3 times before moving on

You’re just trying to open the door to a conversation and connection, and building a networking and relationship over time.

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