If you’re reading this, you should not need motivation to cold-email stakeholders of possible job opportunity leads. If you want to just apply online, tell your few friends you’re seeking employment and call it a day, hey! That’s fine! Relying more on luck I see? Go for it! YOLO! Is that still a thing?

If you want to curb your job interview request lead times, identify direct hiring managers involved in the decision-making process, or even find out ways to improve your viability level for candidacy with real, hands-on tips, do the legwork will ya? It takes a little time each day, chunk away at it piece by piece until you are savvy enough to initiate that email, social message, InMail, or wherever.

The Subject Line

According to LeadLantern, the recipient, adding a recipient?s name to the subject line can increase open rates by between 22% and 49% depending on the industry. That leads to an average click rate for all industries analyzed at 2.62%, per a recent MailChimp report. The industry email rates are as follows:

Depending on your industry, average email open rates vary from 15.22% to 28.46%.

The Email Body

Regarding cold-emailing — this process should not be as daunting as networking. If you can craft a compelling introductory message, albeit short and sweet and direct to the point, most likely the recruiter or hiring manager will at least open your resume to give it the quick eye test. Congrats, you’ve done your job in terms of a success cold-email. Some good templates are out there online, but an idea would be:

Dear Hiring Manager,

My name is Matthew Warzel and I am a career professional with 15+ years of experience supporting clients with obtaining career goals and roles, while taking great pride when improving the livelihood of many families. I found your open requisition for Resume Writer at the Raleigh, NC branch on LinkedIn.com and am interested in submitting my credentials for candidacy. I have written over 10,000 resumes in my tenure and attached is my resume for your review. I hope all is well and wish you and the hiring committee all the best. Thank you for your time, opportunity and correspondence.


Matthew Warzel, CPRW

Your move. Go out there and start networking. Doors will open. Communications will flow. Opportunities will prevail. Just. Stay. Hungry.

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