Common Skills All Employers Want To See In A Candidate

There are a few essential skills that all employers are looking for in a viable candidate regardless of industry.

It’s amazing to me, but my first answer is pragmatism. A hiring manager needs to trust that his or her new employee will be able to handle the daily work load without too much turmoil. Obviously some training needs to be done, but the hiring manager is hoping to trust that the new hire will pick up on things and start making an impact rather quickly.

My next thought, further from the soft skill above, is more of a technical aptitude. These days, all companies are (or already have) converting into software to manage processes. You need to keep up with the evolving technology from a fundamental standpoint.

Finally, I think written communications has evolved a lot further with our daily texting and emailing as the forefront of communications these days. Having said that, candidates need to be able to write professional as well without using acronyms, emojis, etc. If you have the ability to communicate insights in an articulate manner, hiring managers may broaden your scope, increase your pay or even promote you into higher level succession.

Perception is reality and if you can execute logically, carry yourself professionally and maintain technical prowess in your day-to-day work, you’ll be just fine in your career.

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