Companies are absolutely taking advantage of job seekers during the global pandemic!

These are some of the things my clients have shared with me:

Client 1: Production Supervisor laid off due to #COVID19, and finds out that the company hired someone in the same exact spot (and younger).

You’re telling me employers aren’t using this as a time to identify newer employees?

Client 2: Technologist, whose budget was cut and demoted into a junior role to “ensure they’re still around after the virus mess”, decided to seek out other opportunities using LinkedIn and was fired after a fellow manager saw the LinkedIn profile update notification that said client mentioned he was “seeking new opportunities”.

You’re telling me employers aren’t using this as a time to secure any willing employee participants who decided to take the pay cut, no matter the cost? The job stays the same. The pay should (for now, because we all know with our experience yields additional value offerings for the employer, which dictates a pay increase usually).

Client 3: Nurse, who couldn’t take the virus’s impact any longer while in the trenches trying to save lives, decided to find a more administrative role in a hospital. Comes to learn an outside candidate received the role before my client even had an interview. Bear in mind, my client has been with the hospital for 8 years and is considered a team leader and nurse preceptor.

You’re telling me employers aren’t using this as a time to determine hiring decisions, even if it may seem unfair? This person has put her life on the line and you couldn’t even give her a chance?

This is a reality for a lot of people. Life already is unfair. Now with the chaos around us, it’s supposed to be harder. Can’t companies do their fair share to make it easier for its employees?

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