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    Are you a job seeker whoโ€™s frustrated with how the job search is going or ready to kick one off?

    Are you feeling that youโ€™re missing something thatโ€™s preventing you from getting that interview, getting that raise, getting that freedom?

    If this sounds like something youโ€™re searching for, then letโ€™s chat logical next steps.

    My mission is to provide a career transition that takes the guesswork out of updating your resume and bring out the positive aspects of change.
    โ€ข How would you like a resume that actually markets you?
    โ€ข Would you like to know all of the insider secrets of a former recruiter of how to have your resume get past the layers of technology whose main job is to screen resumes out?
    โ€ข Have someone there next to you every step of the way acting as your guide through the whole process?

    โ€ข Iโ€™m a former recruiter for Fortune 500 companies including Johnson Controls, Cummins, GM, Ford, PNC, PPG, Goodrich, Chrysler, Moen, ABB, and Timken.
    โ€ข Being a recruiter, Iโ€™ve seen all of the templated resumes that come out of the resume mills, making one candidate indistinguishable from another.
    โ€ข I knew innately what recruiters and hiring managers wanted. Unfortunately, the applicants didnโ€™t and that created a disconnect.
    After being laid off myself, I turned to what I was mostly doing when I was a recruiter at my old job with my unofficial duties, which were career consulting, interview training, and resume writing. In working together, weโ€™ll:
    โ€ข Build your resume together.
    โ€ข Craft your customized cover letter.
    โ€ข Develop your LinkedIn presence.
    โ€ข Write your supporting letters โ€“ thank you notes, follow-ups, references, and more.
    โ€ข Strategize together on how to attack your job hunt so itโ€™s as short as possible.

    โ€ข โ€œYour work led to my current position. A recruiter found me on LinkedIn. It was a jump in compensation and career.โ€
    โ€ข โ€œReceived a job offer at a pharma company! Thanks again.โ€
    โ€ข โ€œI got the job. Thank you so much.โ€
    โ€ข “Using Matt’s resume/letters, I received 3 job offers within a month after multiple interviews.”
    โ€ข “The hiring manager liked my resume so much, she asked if I could give her Matt’s contact info!”
    โ€ข “I worked with Matt and literally had a job within 2 weeks.”

    Iโ€™ve earned 750+ LinkedIn recommendations and have amassed 15K followers on LinkedIn.

    Reach out to me here and letโ€™s start with a simple conversation.

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