Customized Resume Headers?

I received an email from a client of mine asking, “Matt, I have a quick question.  The title that is highlighted in green refers to the position you are applying for”. Correct?  Or does this describe your current position?"  (see pic above for his resume)
My answer: I would switch it to adjust to the application”however, if you need to do some mass submissions, make sure you have the correct title in there before you start BCC’ing 50 hiring managers and recruiters.

That’s the short end of it, but it’s imperative you try to customize your submissions for each job. I know it will take forever. I know it might not benefit you in the long run after all the hard work you do with emailing them individually. But, your competition is doing these things. They are setting themselves away from the pack. They are showing they did the research and are now going to "give it their all” when applying to this job. This one job. This one opening that might determine your life path. The one gig that changes your livelihood. Sounds pretty serious, right? It is. It’s a job. Heck, it’s a CAREER! So treat it like it’s the last job on this earth and YOU are the one who needs to get it!

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