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“Identify professionals in roles you aspire to be in and find out the important skills and credentials needed to match their success. Also, reverse-engineer your career path from your ideal job’s description and see what you have and what needs up-skilling.” – Matthew Warzel, President of MJW Careers

It’s important to sell your credibility to hiring managers in the least amount of time as possible. Sounds tricky, but I promise there is some sanity in the madness of job hunting. This manager likes this, that recruiter likes that.

Stop the insanity! A little 90’s throwback for my fellow Gen X’ers, sorry Gen Z lol…here are some ideas I came up with:

1. Identify Your Career Heroes πŸ‘₯ First things first, identify professionals who are already successful in the roles you aspire to be in. These individuals can serve as your career heroes, offering valuable insights and inspiration. Follow them on social media, read their articles, and keep an eye on their career journey. 🌟

2. Discover the Key Skills and Credentials πŸ“š Once you’ve identified your career heroes, delve into their backgrounds to find out what skills and credentials have contributed to their success. You might discover specific certifications, degrees, or experiences that are common among them. This knowledge will serve as your roadmap to success. πŸ“‹

3. Reverse-Engineer Your Ideal Job πŸš€ Now, it’s time to reverse-engineer your career path. Start with your ideal job’s description. Break it down into its core components, listing the skills and qualifications required. Compare this list to your existing skill set. What do you already possess, and what needs upskilling? πŸ› οΈ

4. Create a Skills Development Plan πŸ“… Based on the comparison you’ve made, create a personalized skills development plan. Identify the areas where you need to upskill or gain new credentials. This plan will help you gradually bridge the gap between your current skill set and the requirements of your dream job. πŸ“

5. Take Action and Stay Committed πŸ’ͺ Reverse-engineering your career path is a powerful strategy, but it requires dedication and perseverance. Set clear goals and timelines for each skill or credential you need to acquire. Stay committed to your plan, and don’t be discouraged by setbacks. Your journey to success may be challenging, but it’s undoubtedly worth it in the end. πŸ†

By following the process of identifying professionals in your desired field, discovering their key skills and credentials, and reverse-engineering your career path, you’ll be better equipped to pursue your dream job with confidence and determination. The road to success might be long, but with a well-thought-out plan, you’re well on your way to achieving your career aspirations. 🌠

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We hope you find this advice helpful on your journey to a fulfilling career. Remember, your dream job is within reach, and by reverse-engineering your path, you’re one step closer to achieving it! πŸš€

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