Do you need to use a special paper for your resume? Why or why
not? Does resume paper make a difference?

I’m a firm believer, vouching with actual experience myself, that content reigns over formatting or even paper quality. Having said that, pre-COVID, it’s a possibility that the paper choice may have swung a deciding vote by the hiring committee every once in a while, and I mean slim. Again, these days we all scroll through resumes online. No one prints them and mails them much anymore. I find that while it is effective because who doesn’t enjoy getting physical mail, but now that a post-COVID world is finding virtual interviewing much more accessible and “normal,” it may just be the demise of pretty resumes. This trend is essentially pre-Internet, no one really wants to carry around paper. Even if it’s Elle Woods’ famous pink purfume-y resume in Legally Blonde, although that was so memorable and wonderful, LOL.

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