Do you do “old school” recruiting methods, i.e., target companies list
, name generation/ID, 
and Candidate Development
; and what tools do you use to identify the divisions of companies and locations?

(Question from commenter on LinkedIn)

Response From Others:

– I think recruiters who don’t know how to target companies, cold call, have the tough conversations, and network via the phone are missing out on a key recruiting principle: build relationships. Of course, you MUST be using LinkedIn, social media, and email for the lion’s share of the work. I will never give up on old fashioned telephone recruiting…too much valuable info can be obtained. Google is an amazing tool. Just plug in combinations about words/data about the company you’re targeting and collect info.

– I have been recruiting for 23 years. My first job handed me the phone book, a yellow pad and a pen and said “Have at it!”. I use the “new tools” but there is no substitute for picking up the phone and dialing for dollars!

– Does anyone use OneSource for developing target lists?

– Absolutely use target company lists and name generation. Thank goodness we now have better tools to locate those people, but I too used the good old phone book back in the day!

– I agree with Connie and Rich. Still need to smile and dial. However, if you are not using social tools to facilitate the process, you could be missing out on the best candidates and taking a much longer time to find them. Additionally, I feel an email connection is tougher to move to the next step of candidate or referral. Well placed and communicated calls, bring a personal touch and closer bond. This brings you to the next step in trust with a connection.

My Take:
I think the biggest difference is that we all are in a hurry. Developing relationships have diminished and it’s only getting worse…I mean look at us looking down at a phone. Everywhere!

I personally still cold-call for sales. I try to play the game and develop social relations with folks who have similar interests, albeit not direct competitors. People that I could possible aide with leads and vice versa.

It goes back to all of us having to have 2 jobs in this new era. You MUST find time to socialize and network and still do some barking over the phone.

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