A personal brand is your identity, value offering and marketing solution to the hiring manager’s problem. A solid personal brand is built by identifying your accomplishments, technical and professional proficiencies, and credentials to build your case as the prime candidate for a specific role. The more you relate to that role and showcase your ability to seamlessly step into that position, the better chance for an interview request.

As a job hunter, it’s important for you to have a personal brand because your competition is working hard to build and market their brand and value. They are having success because of persistency, patience and confidence to reach out and ask for help.

Some ways to develop your personal brand is to:
1. Identify your transferable skills – think about what you did that relates to the new targeted role

2. Identify your key projects and summarize them down into sentences on your resume – track successes and turn them into positive narratives for the interview and resume

3. Identify your key accomplishments/metrics and summarize them down into sentences on your resume – track financials and bottom-line impacts you’ve done for the company

In closing, I guess I’d have to say you just go and meet yourself. Talk to yourself in the mirror, or not. Question things inside. What are you trying to convey to hiring managers, and moreover, future colleagues when you are apart of the team? What value do you offer? Start asking yourself these things and figure out who you want to be going forward.

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