Don’t Be A Weirdo On Your Job Search!

⚠️ You guys, please don’t be the weirdo on a job search. Don’t stand out in a negative way because you’re in a hurry, or feel the hiring company owes you something. Put yourself in their shoes. Help yourself!

πŸ‘‰ Some quick ideas to help:

βœ… Be professional in your communications, hiring managers do not know you, and your first impression can dictate the outcome sometimes

βœ… Don’t be desperate

βœ… Be about them, not you

βœ… Be selective in the quality of the role and company

βœ… Identify roles in which your transferable skills sync up with and build specific resumes for each

βœ… Tailor your resume to the job by using ATS-compliant keywords, achievements and competencies

βœ… Apply only once to any specific company

βœ… Leverage recruiters to help identify roles for you and never ignore them

βœ… Setup profiles on all major social sites and network with industry professionals and recruiters

βœ… Target companies, network with professionals within the company, engage them on social, and be a brand advocate by sharing and interacting on posts

βœ… Apply to the targeted companies on their respective career portal

βœ… Authenticity goes a lot further than being right during an interview

βœ… Be patient, don’t annoy the recruiter and follow-up after 7-10 days

βœ… Take care of yourself

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