So #ElonMusk just posted some resume advice, and while I’ll disagree with his old 1-page only resume theory from a few years back, this I can get on board with. However, having said that, you also need a few more items to help boost your visibility and validity as a candidate. Those include:

✏️ Relevant keywords
🔎 So recruiters can find you & hiring managers feel they can relate to you.

✏️ Relevant content
🤩 So you excite the reader & get them on board for an interview.

✏️ Relevant messaging
⏱️ So you package your candidacy properly & not waste the reader’s time.

✏️ Relevant substance
💰So you demonstrate bottom-line impacts or really neat achievements & show your value offerings properly.

✏️ Practical layout
♟️So you are pragmatic & demonstrate a keen eye for details.

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