FAQs Answered by Resume Writers & Editors – Part I

Q. Email or e-­mail? A. email

Q. “Fifteen years experience" or “fifteen years’ experience”? A. Either one. Generally lean towards eliminating unnecessary words.

Q. Health care or Healthcare? A. Healthcare

Q. Inpatient or in-­patient? A. Inpatient

Q. Upsell or Up-­sell? A. Both are used commonly, but up-­sell is grammatically correct.

Q. Wait staff or Waitstaff? A. Both are used commonly, but wait staff is grammatically correct.

Q. Online or on-­line? A. online

Q. Spanish-­speaking or Spanish speaking? A. Spanish-speaking.

Q. Aid or Aide? A. Aid


Make sure all verbs are in the correct tense.

Don’t use unnecessary commas. This is for resumes so if you think you need a comma in a compound sentences the sentence can probably be broken into two.

Don’t capitalize names of job titles in Experience examples. You should capitalize them in Accomplishments and Summary Statements.

When using brackets, capitalize the words that are taking the place of common nouns if those words should be capitalized…i.e. [Job Title], not [job title].

Use symbols such as % and $. Do not write out percent or dollars.

Take out any use of the words “or,” “as needed,” “as required” and similar words/phrases that are commonly found in job descriptions.

Don’t use Oxford commas, (i.e. remove the third comma in a series).

Check that your doc is named correctly Firstname Lastname Resume.doc.

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