How to Write a Digital Marketing-targeted Resume

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Writing a Digital Marketing-targeted Resume

Did you know that the job growth rate for digital marketing is expected to grow 9% by 2024? Or that nearly 70% of marketing executives are looking to add to their teams? Digital marketing skills are in high demand and it’s no surprise that hiring managers review dozens of resumes in order to find the right person with the skills they’re looking for. So if you want to land a job in this industry, your resume is the best method of setting yourself apart from the competition. Here are a few ways to get started.

Don’t Leave Anything Out

Digital marketing encompasses a wide range of marketing efforts through the internet and electronic devices. Social media may come to mind first when thinking about what digital marketing means, but that’s only one piece of a very widespread business. Content writing, social media, digital advertising, search engine optimization, graphic design, and email marketing are all powerful tactics under the digital marketing umbrella, and if you have experience in more than one of these channels, potential employers want to know! It’s very common for those in a digital marketing role to wear many “hats,” so showing you have a wide range of experience and knowledge in those focuses is very valuable.

Tailor Your Resume by the Position

Just like tailoring a marketing strategy towards a specific audience, your resume should also target your potential employer. After reading a job description and reviewing a company’s website, you should have a pretty clear understanding of the type of person they’re looking for to fill a certain role. From there you can decide which skills and qualifications you should lead with so hiring managers quickly see them, rather than trying to find those key credentials hidden among less relevant talents. For example, if a marketing agency is looking for a content writer, customize your resume to emphasize your writing skills. Provide details about your experience like formats of content you’ve written and industries you’ve written for to highlight your flexibility.

Quantify Accomplishments if You Can

Have some quantifiable successes with digital marketing tactics? Share them! Potential employers are very interested in seeing past accomplishes because it gives them an idea on how you could help their company also succeed. The best way to present this information is to provide specific objectives, numbers or statistics, and goals reached. For instance, including that you ran a digital advertising campaign resulting in XX number of increased leads or sales over a specific period of time is a great measurable example hiring managers will appreciate.

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