How to Write a Manager-targeted Resume

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Writing a Manager-Targeted Resume

If you excel in effective communication skills, strongly motivate other team members to work hard, and help solve problems, a managerial position sounds like your ideal career path. So how do you formulate your resume to help you get a job in management? Here are a few tips to get you started.

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Your previous level of management and your experience in other departments will determine the amount of detail that goes into your resume. While some people feature an objective at the top of a resume, those seeking a career in management should use this space to highlight key skills and expertise in a short summary of statements. You can also provide your most recent job title in this overview to show how you align with the type of position you’re applying for. If your most recent position is the longest and most impressive, make sure your resume includes more information about this experience. The summary is also a good place to include the size of the companies you’ve worked for and the number of people you’ve managed at each stage of your career. You can also explain who you reported to, such as a senior manager or vice president.


An employer will be very interested in what you accomplished as a manger in previous roles. It’s important to include a numerical list or outline of your accomplishments or notable milestones if you can. And if you successfully managed a certain dollar value of your department’s budget or project, your resume is the best place to include that for potential employers to review! The most efficient way to format your achievements is in a bulleted list under your experience section. Think about anything you did in a position and how it affected the company. Successes such as saving money, cutting costs, reducing time, improving staff productivity, and increasing sales are all valuable details a potential employer should be aware of.

Power Words

Using a combination of power verbs to describe responsibilities and achievements will greatly strengthen your resume. When you use these “buzzwords,” you’re allowing potential employers to identify you as a viable candidate. They separate you from others (including contenders that may not have relevant experience), which really helps recruiters find you in the endless pile of resumes they’re looking through on a daily basis. The easiest way to find the keywords to use is by looking at the resumes of those who are in a similar position you’re applying for. Take a look at profiles on LinkedIn, and look through other comparable job postings for inspiration. We know you’re a solid candidate for the job you’re applying for; just make sure you’re visible to those making the hiring decisions by using the right words to introduce yourself and your experience!

Some power verbs to consider are:

  • Managed
  • Led
  • Oversaw
  • Coordinated
  • Took on
  • Delivered
  • Negotiated
  • Planned
  • Trained

Need some help creating your manager-targeted resume? Contact us to work with one of our professional resume writers!