How to Write a Public Relations-targeted Resume

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Writing a Public Relations-targeted Resume

If you’re looking for a career in public relations, the industry is definitely looking for you. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, public relations specialist positions are projected to increase as much as 6% by 2024. That means a healthy job market is out there seeking your skills, but don’t forget that also entails an increase in competition. Here are a few ways to boost your resume so it’s ready to compete with other candidates in public relations and communications.

Show Off Verbal Communication Skills

PR specialists are generally hired to communicate with a general audience and create a company’s public image through media outlets. They speak during interviews, presentations, and press conferences as a way to promote a brand, and are always identifying new opportunities for community exposure. With that said, a job recruiter will want to see specific ways you’ve accomplished that for former clients. You can say you’re a savvy PR pro on your resume, but you must also be able to prove it. Highlight your communication skills with examples of videos and presentations you’ve done, including the links for them to review.

Highlight Written Communication Skills

Creating brand awareness is just as important through content as it is vocally. Public relations specialists must also be experienced in generating captivating content through various written formats like press releases, blogs, speech writing, and website copy. Provide examples of content showing how you communicated clients’ messages in a compelling and engaging way that helped meet their goals.

Don’t Forget about Social Media

PR professionals must be familiar with all forms of social media and how each one appeals to different audiences to create compelling messages. Include which platforms you have experience with and share links to your personal accounts as well.

Review Your Resume Carefully Before Sending

As with any position in the communications industry, having impeccable grammar skills is a must. If your resume has any misspelled words or grammatical errors, why would a company hire you to write content on its behalf? Give your resume a thorough review once it’s completed to ensure you haven’t overlooked anything.

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