How to Write a Resume for a Production Manager

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Writing a Resume for a Production Manager

Are you detail-oriented, deadline-driven, and able to use a schedule to yours and your coworkers’ advantage? A career in production management might be your perfect fit! As the driving force behind a team of creative types, the production manager needs to have an acute understanding of each role, from graphic designers to writers, as well as the capacity to keep everything running smoothly and on time. It takes a dedicated and focused personality, as well as an analytical mind, and your resume should reflect that when you’re applying for production manager jobs. Check out just a few ways you can highlight your qualifications and show that you’re the right fit for a company’s vacant production manager position.

Establish an organizational flow

Since a large part of what you’d be doing as a production manager is keeping track of both yours and everyone else’s time and progress, your resume should be logically organized. This shows employers that you have a mind for efficiency, as well as a grasp on how a client may read through a production schedule or outline. A disorganized resume, or one that doesn’t have consistent formatting and language, makes employers think that you may find it difficult to manage multiple projects or individuals, and you want to be sure to leave them with the opposite impression.

Talk timetables

You’ll want to be able to demonstrate your proficiency with schedules and management, so be sure to add in any particular tools you’ve used in other jobs to help make those tasks easier. If you’ve employed any online calendars, task managers, to-do lists, or anything similar, name them and provide a brief description of how you used them. If they aren’t common tools, you may even consider giving a short, one-sentence summary of its functions outside of what you personally did with them. That way, your potential employer knows that you’re willing to do the research and adapt software to the company’s advantage.

Give detailed examples

Without crowding your resume with long, drawn-out paragraphs, you can back up your experience with a few specific examples of how you tackled the demands of the job in previous roles. This not only gives you something to draw on and discuss during an interview, but also shows potential employers that you know what it is they expect from you in a production manager’s position, and can deliver on those expectations when the time comes.

If you’re ready to start applying for production manager positions, contact us for help fine-tuning your resume and making sure it shows you in your best light!