How to Write a Social Media Marketing-targeted Resume

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Writing a Social Media Marketing-targeted Resume

Social media has certainly changed the way companies and brands market themselves and provide customer service. Since 2010, jobs with “social media” in their titles has tripled year over year, which tells us the request for these types of workers is in high demand. And because it’s a young industry, there aren’t as many professionals with years of experience. This is a great opportunity, especially for new grads, because they’re coming into the workforce and understanding more about something than do the people hiring them. Here are a few ways to boost your resume, get ahead of fellow job seekers, and land the social media position you want.

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Highlight Those Skills

Anyone can simply write a Facebook or Twitter post, but do they understand how to write and structure it in order to reach a certain outcome or goal? Managing brands on social media is more than stringing together words and pretty pictures. It’s about conveying messages to the right audience with the intent on converting them (a purchase, an email, a new loyal follower, etc.). When you’re building out your skills on a resume, highlight that in addition to leveraging multiple social media platforms, you also know the best etiquette for each platform and proper optimization. You should also include any experience you have with platform options, such as advertising methods, scheduling tools, and creative campaigns.

Review Your Social Media Presence

If you’re interested in a social media career, then we’re sure you have at least one personal social profile you use regularly. Sharing the links to your accounts on your resume lets employers know that you’re actively on social media, and it allows them to easily look at your social profiles alongside your resume to get an idea of your personality and what you can bring to the company. So as you’re working on your resume, sign into all of your accounts and take a good look at your recent posts, photos and videos. Make sure your posts are grammatically correct and remove anything you feel may be perceived as unprofessional.

Emphasize Previous Success

If you’ve worked in social media before, your resume is a great place to show your successes. Perhaps you launched a campaign that greatly increased a brand’s following in a certain time period, or you advertised a promotion that boosted website traffic and generated sales? Sharing experiences and including numerical results shows employers you know how to utilize social media for businesses, and they’ll be excited to see how you can help their company succeed as well.   

Triple-check for Errors

Being grammatically correct 100% of the time is imperative in social media. When you’re actively posting on another company’s behalf, anything you write reflects back on that brand’s reputation. So if something is spelled incorrectly and overlooked, not only does it look badly for that brand, but it’s even worse if a user notices and decides to comment on your post about it! As you create your resume, make sure your grammar and punctuation are faultless. Just one mistake could send your resume straight to the trash to be forgotten.

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