Figuring Out Your Passion – Live Jobsticker’s Jobseeker Resource Show on LinkedIn (Episode 18)

Figuring Out Your Passion – Live Jobsticker’s Jobseeker Resource Show on LinkedIn (Episode 18)

🛣️ Life can be tough. It’s even tougher when you are at a career crossroads.

🚗 You’re sitting there, both hands on the wheel, white-knuckled from the stress of not knowing just which way to go.

🦺 One road leads to safety and security, but financial wellbeing, career happiness, perhaps work-life balance hang in the balance.

🤗 The other road? Passion projects. Things that tickle your belly. Things that make you research for hours at length without realizing just how the time really did fly.

〰️ It can be a mixed emotion bag of excitement, intimidation, confusion, and clarity, all within a minute of each other.

〰️ Sometimes it’s best to not even get to that road divider yet. Sometimes it might be best to put the dang car in reverse and take the foot off the peddle for now.

〰️ So let’s get calculated!

〰️ In this week’s Live Jobsticker’s Jobseeker Resource Show on LinkedIn (Episode 18, which runs every Wednesday at 2:00 PM EST), I tackle some of those passion discovery questions to help you on your career journey investigation.

✏️ Remember, it’s important to track the memories, feelings, thoughts, and ideas that derive on paper.

💡What puts a tickle in your belly when thinking about the possibilities of it?
💡What ideas have you recently been attracted to and saved for later?
💡What do you like reading or studying?
💡What topics of insight have you shared with people recently?
💡What things do you want to learn more about?
💡What do you do that makes you feel good when helping others?
💡Think of an intriguing conversation you had, what resonated with you about that topic?
💡Whom do you admire and what is about them that makes you want that particular lifestyle?
💡What things cause the time to fly by?
💡What fun things do you imagine doing again or for the first time?

How can I help you on your career journey?

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