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I hope you’re doing well! I appreciate you sparing a moment of your time.

My aim is to help professionals, managers, and leaders secure high-paying, high-impact jobs by working the job search process, with intention and a purpose.

With 10 years of recruitment experience, 20 years of resume writing expertise, and extensive background in interview and career coaching, I have garnered over 850 LinkedIn recommendations and built a robust network of more than 30,000 followers.

If you just need a resume or LinkedIn solution to stay competitive, been struggling with a job hunt, or just plain old don’t know what to do with your livelihood, please keep reading!

How can I help you? And how can you benefit from my services?

1. I specialize in identifying and communicating your unique selling points to transform your resume into a compelling marketing tool that adheres to the scanning robots (ATS), while positioning you as a “must-interview” candidate.

2. I optimize your LinkedIn profile using strategic keywords and a deep understanding of the algorithms, maximizing your visibility and getting you noticed by more people.

3. I guide you in crafting impactful responses to common interview questions like “Why should we hire you?” while sharpening your overall interview skills.

4. You will be able to DIY your job hunt once you’ve worked with me, and have intentional direction and activities to keep the search competitive, timely and resourceful.

I’d love to connect with you and walk you through a step-by-step process to help build a productive and intentional job hunt, and transform your resume/LinkedIn profile into a powerful marketing tool that attracts your dream opportunities directly to you.

If we’re a good fit, we can discuss how I can assist you further. If not, no worries! You’ll still leave the conversation with actionable tips to accelerate your career goals. And I’m confident I’ll be equally happy and inspired by the interaction.

No pressure whatsoever!

With that being said, would you be open to a quick chat?

If so, please book that here: (if available time slots do not fit your schedule or you are in a rush, please send me a message)!


(1) Leadership & Career Coaching Package for $5,000:

  • Four (4) one-hour 1:1 leadership coaching sessions including strategy-building
  • Plus everything included in the packages listed below!
  • Order here now (and find out more in-depth details)!

(2) The “Matt, just guide me every week, will you?” Pragmatic Get Un-Unemployed Career Transition Program Package for $3,500:

  • 8-week period of fully custom, individualized job search coaching
  • 1:1 job hunt coaching
  • 1:1 interview coaching
  • Tailored-specific strategies to your niche, so you aren’t only doing the general job hunting stuff; let’s find those niche avenues that your competition is most likely also doing
  • Plus everything included in the packages listed below!
  • Order here now!
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(3) Ultimate Package for $1,900 – Includes everything in the Essentials Package plus:

  • Free resume retrieval for life
  • Resume distribution
  • 60-minute one-on-one sessions with Matthew
  • Hiring manager research of your top 5 desired companies
  • Order here now!

(4) Essentials Package for $1,500:

  • Custom resume + 1 revision
  • Custom cover letter + 1 revision
  • LinkedIn profile makeover
  • ASCII/electronic resume
  • Job hunting kit
  • Reference sheet template
  • “Thank You” letter template
  • Follow-up letter template
  • Copy of the book “How to Get UnUnemployed: An A-to-Z Guide on Finding a Career You Like: Crackerjack Insight from a Human Resources Recruiter”
  • Order here now!

(5) The “Big 3” Package for $1,000:

  • Custom resume + 1 revision
  • Custom cover letter + 1 revision
  • LinkedIn profile makeover
  • Order here now!

(6) Basic Package for $800:

  • Custom resume + 1 revision
  • Custom cover letter + 1 revision
  • Payment upfront with guaranteed delivery within 5 business days
  • Discounted pricing for additional resume variations
  • Weekly AI tools for automating and enhancing your career exploration (newsletter subscription)
  • Order here now!

(7) Reverse Recruiting Program for $1,000:

  • Personalized Applications: No more cookie-cutter resumes! We’ll meticulously tailor each application to perfection, ensuring it matches the specific requirements of your desired role.
  • Tailored and Expert Resume Crafting: Let me work my magic on your resume, highlighting your strengths, skills and experience to make you an irresistible candidate in any job market.
  • Leveraged Network: Gain access to our extensive professional network to uncover hidden opportunities and connect with top companies that match your skills and aspirations. My Rolodex is your Rolodex (Google it if that doesn’t make sense, lol).
  • Active Support: Proactively apply to high-paying roles across top companies that perfectly match your skills.
  • Full-Service Support: From application to interview, we’ve got you covered every step of the way. Sit back and relax as we handle the heavy lifting, leaving you free to focus on preparing for your next career move.
  • Order here now!

(8) Interview Training Only Package for $1,100:

  • 4 sessions of 30-minute interview training meetings including strategy, in-depth Q&A and individual scenario resolutions, a mock interview, and post-mock interview follow-up
  • Plus my interview training and salary negotiation resource guides
  • Single hour interview training solutions available as well
  • Order here now!

À la carte menu available, feel free to check out our store.

Professional Resume Writing Service
Professional Business Woman


Resume writing and LinkedIn profile development are what we do best here at MJW Careers. We work with you to gather all the necessary information we need before building a unique resume or LI profile from scratch. From chronological resumes to targeted resumes, to non-conventional resumes and functional resumes, we are experts in creating any and all types of resumes.

We have a team of writers from many different industries who are trained copywriters and have a solid grasp of the written English language. This means that we can offer unique resume writing, related to your specific field, which sells your skills and talents. Our writers have advanced writing skills and know-how to create a resume that really speaks to a prospective employer, putting you ahead of all the other candidates.

We’ll use relevant action verbs, quantifying statements that show you impacted the bottom-line, and maintain brevity to personalize and show your story to all readers from recruiters to hiring managers.

Here is a list of our service offerings:

  • Resume Writing & Critique
  • Infographic Resume Preparation
  • LinkedIn, Indeed, ExecuNet, ZipRecruiter, Dice, Ladders, Upwork, Freelancer or Fiverr Profile Preparation
  • Electronic/ASCII Resume Preparation
  • Cover Letter, E-Note, Follow-up Letter, Letter of Intent, Thank You Letter, Follow-up Letter, Resignation Letter, Pain Letter, Letter of Recommendation, Teaching Philosophy, Summary of a Resume, or an Internship Proposal Letter
  • KSA (Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities) and ECQ (Executive Core Qualifications) Preparation
  • 1-Page Synopsis or Bio Preparation
  • Various 1-sheet (networking tool, business owners, speakers, consultants, sales pros) Preparation
  • Personal Statement for Collegiate Enrollment Requirements
  • Customized Career Assessment
  • Customized Elevator Pitch/Speech
  • Event or Marketing Portfolio
  • Project List Annexure
  • Salary Negotiations & Salary Report
  • Interview Training & Virtual Interview Training
  • Mock Interview Sessions
  • One-on-One Career Consulting
  • Career Seminars Enrollment
  • Job-Hunting Techniques
  • Cost of Living Calculator
  • Internet Resume Posting & Consultation
  • Internet Job Search
  • Internet Research
  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Networking Insight
  • Personal Website Development
  • Self-Marketing Training
  • Networking Training
  • Job-Loss Counseling
  • Individual Outplacement Services
  • Personal Resume Website
  • Hiring Manager Research (Company Targeting Strategy)
  • Recruiter Resume Distribution

Specialties: career coaching, job seeker techniques, resume writing service, motivational speaking, outplacement services

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For Entry Levels, Professionals, Executives, Military and Career Changers

Take the guesswork out of updating your resume. Empower your personal brand. We turn your resume into a visual marketing tool.

A resume is the main element you need to apply for a job. To get your chance at an interview, you need a document you feel confident stands up against the fierce competition. A document you feel confident in sending 100 times over. We’re here to help you create a brand new resume to guarantee your success. Your resume will be written by our best writers within your industry!

  1. Discuss your requirements with our writers. Direct call and live chat are available!
  2. Only the best Writer in your professional area will take your order and you’ll get a high-quality product!
  3. Get a draft of your Resume and request any changes before receiving your final document. Our writers will work on your order until you confirm it!
  4. Professional support is included since we always control quality. Turnaround time is between 1 and 5 business days after an interview was conducted!
  5. Fast delivery is available! You can always get your Resume in time to apply for your dream job.

Our Resume Writing Q&A

Why does your work stand out from others who do what you do?

We utilize a science behind our resume writing services. You only have 8 seconds to appeal to hiring managers and recruiters, so make it right.

If you were a customer, what do you wish you knew about your trade? Any inside secrets to share?

Yes, avoid bombarding recruiters with a resume for multiple jobs. They know who you are even after one submission and they will contact you if they think you?re a potential fit or match for a position. Also, adhere to the job posting. If it tells you direct instructions, follow them. It?s not optional.

What do you wish customers knew about you or your profession?

Real resume writers avoid ?fluffy? statements and task-oriented verbiage. We need to make you shine and in doing so, we follow strict rules when it comes to developing your line items. Real resume writers don?t just copy and paste job descriptions, we conceptualize the bottom-line impact you had on your employers and showcase it accordingly.

Do you do any sort of continuing education to stay up on the latest developments in your field?

I am a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW).

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy helping people achieve their goals and help impact their livelihood. Jobs are important. Interviews are important. So having a resume to stay competitive is important. I take my job very seriously. We need to make you shine, people in your life are counting on it.

Do you have a favorite story from your work?

Once I had someone cry on the phone during a resume writing consultation, because of her recent layoff and anxiety that came with this redundancy. I was able to coach her through this transition period she was in and explained to her that this was a chance for her to do something new and exciting and that fear shouldn?t drive this process. I told her to own the process and work through small changes one day at a time. She got hired on by a firm about three weeks later and even sent me a thank you card.

How did you decide to get in your line of work?

I began as a recruiter at a staffing company, transitioned into full-time human resources recruiter openings and then began my own firm, MJW Careers, LLC. We provide resume writing, career coaching and outplacement solutions.

What questions do customers most commonly ask you? What's your answer?

How do we utilize the applicant tracking systems (a fancy way of saying those ?keywords? in your resume that hiring folks use to search for talent)? We write all of our resumes in adherence with best resume writing practices. This includes incorporating keywords and strategies for the digital application process. The way we represented your resume within the ATS requirements is by implementing keywords that relate to your background and that best match your targeted job title. If we missed any, please do send me some and I will incorporate accordingly. Should you have to make future revisions, I would leave the keywords there and maybe add a few more based on your skill sets at that time.

What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire a provider like you?

You need to sell yourself at an interview and I?m the one that can give you a road map for that journey.

Describe the most common types of jobs you do for your clients.

This morning I wrote a resume for a Chief Information Officer, a Call Center Specialist, an Operations Manager, a Sales Manager of Client Services, and a Mortgage Loan Underwriter. I do everyone and anything. After 12 years, you?ve seen them all.

What is Matthew Warzel's Resume Writing Bio?

As a trained copywriter and certified resume writer (CPRW credential) possessing a solid command of the written English language, I offer unique resume writing, related to your specific field, which sells your skills and talents. I know how to create a resume that really speaks to a prospective employer, putting you ahead of all the other candidates. I?ll fashion the resume to allow employers the ability to review your transferable skills, proficiencies, and industry ?speak?. I?ll focus on strong action verbs and highlighting your accomplishments with special emphasis on PAR (Problem-Action-Result)- and metric-based, quantifiable verbiage that demonstrates specific impacts to the employers? bottom lines, while still maintaining brevity. We need to show you impacted the bottom-line while personalizing and telling your story to all readers from recruiters to hiring managers. I like to take the guesswork out of updating your resume. Empower your personal brand. I turn your resume into a visual marketing tool.


You’ve spent days, weeks or even months looking for the right job or internship and now you’ve been asked to come in for an interview. If the thought of going on an interview causes you to feel butterflies in your stomach and your heart to beat a little faster, don’t worry; you are not alone. The majority of job seekers feel uneasy or slightly panicky before the interview. The good news is that there are no reported cases of students dying of nervousness during an interview. This packet contains suggestions to help you relax and have a great interview. You will only have a short time to demonstrate your qualifications and interest, so you want to be sure to make a great first impression.

Hiring one of our professional interviewing training experts can help make your interview less stressful and more successful.


30-minute interview training session 1: We cover the basics of the interviewing process and orient ourselves into the program

30-minute interview training session 2: We go over an in-depth discussion of the interviewing document our team emails to you for review as well as an in-depth discussion about your previous individual interview scenarios to find out where you went wrong and how we can improve upon

30-minute mock interview: We arrange a live simulation of a real interview

30-minute mock interview training discussion: Let?s go over how you did during the mock interview and discuss how you can improve

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I’ve been laid off and have looked for jobs more times than most as a former contract recruiter for 10+ years. We are dispensable. When the economy is great, they hire certain people. When not, they still hire certain people. There are many, many recruiters particularly within HR or staffing that do survive the times but depend on the market. In my particular case, it was contracted HR recruiter work. I learned a lot about what the hiring manager wants and am comfortable with understanding resume content and format relevance from the hiring management standpoint. The resume lands you interviews. Interviews land you a job. This is going to be the most important part at first after we figure out a game plan.

What we need to do is figure out high quality, long-term tenure if that’s what you want. If you want contract work as well, let’s go for it, opens up possibilities. Entrepreneurship, maybe a franchise, or starting a mom and pop service firm or product shop? I’ve helped clients with that! Military transition life choice? Let’s show them what a former NCO can do in the civilian world! Retiree entering the workforce? Entry-level graduate needing some advice to curb the job hunting lead time.

I offer virtual-based career coaching services to our program users that include 5 face-to-face (or virtual) meetings to cover the entire program. I cover a variety of topics, including an individual career assessment, job hunting, and transition techniques, interview training, career path identification, resume and cover letter writing, the hiring manager/recruiter outreach, job loss counseling (optional), networking opportunities, and tips, self-marketing and branding online, salary negotiations, and mock interviews. We can do this in person (if willing to travel to Wilmington, NC 28405), or via Skype, phone, email, whatever it takes that makes you feel comfortable with the process!

A couple of other items regarding the actual engagement. I don’t make it easy as far as homework. I expect certain things get done, but I am easy going, so as long as you’re happy with how much you put in with your career search for that day, the better. I go by logical thinking. Here’s an example of some things we’ll do together (and some tips to get you started):

1. Stick to a daily schedule. Create To-Do lists and cross them off as you go. This will give you a sense of accomplishment, even during lulls.

2. Like I was saying earlier about us figuring out what you want to do first. This is important. Don’t waste your time or money unless you have just an inkling of what you’re passionate about or makes you tick, something that gets the blood pumping when you do it. Or just pays the bills and you’re naturally good at, we can figure it all out. Let’s identify important activities within your job hunt and declare an ultimate goal as initiation. You need a plan to execute this goal then. Think logically in terms of your job hunt. Who is hiring? Where are they hiring? What type of candidates are they hiring? What is most effective in a job hunt? Who do I know in my network that can help and what do I need from them? Am I trying to find a job domestically or globally? Do I want to start a company or write a book? Do I want career succession with a famous company? Use virtual and network resources to your advantage to answers these questions and ensure you resolve them accordingly. Understanding the tools you need to curb job hunt lead times is vital for both time and sanity’s sake. Be very specific and consistent. This is your Career Bucket List. Reverse engineer how one gets to whatever goal you are targeting and start to work off each task until traction grants you your wish.

3. Think of SMART goals. We all have heard of this before, but it makes sense. SMART is an acronym meaning Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Timely. “I will land a job in 4 weeks” focuses on timing, but not necessarily showing what type of work you wish to perform and is probably not going to work. It’s best to list out success indicators you will need to reach along the path. Use these examples as models: “I will contact 4 individuals within my network who work in my focused industry this week and learn a few tips from each on how they landed their gigs.” “I will create an accomplishment-based resume targeting my industry and specific scope by the end of this month.” “I will improve my interviewing skills by scheduling 2 mock interviews by the end of this week and ensure I review feedback from my performance.” Make sure to understand how you will weave each of these goals within your ultimate goal or on your Career Bucket List, and what impact it will have in reaching that end spot. For example, “After reaching out to my 4 people in my network and completing mock interviews and generating feedback from 2 individuals, I will be able to market my skills towards the work I will be doing in my industry and within my focus a lot better.”

Please reach out to discuss our career coaching solutions and pricing further.

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Your next career opportunity is just around the corner, contact us to make sure you're ready to meet it head-on!

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