Fun fact about me…

For National Small Business Week, I wanted to share a fun fact about me and a fun fact about my small business:

Fun Fact About Me: I love Halloween. Born on October 15th, let’s just say that I thrust myself in the holiday ever since I was a kid, and the tradition continues down with my own son, Gus. Look at how excited my 5-year old self was dressed up as generic Superman! That outfit’s way cooler than the regular Supermen costumes in 1985!

Fun Fact About My Business: I named my business MJW Careers as homage to my name (Matt), my wife’s name (Jamie) and our last name (Warzel). I always thought that legal companies had a lot of acronyms and that meant traditionalism and professionalism. Now I wish I would’ve called it something fun, bubbly or bouncy like Marshmallow Resumes or Lime Careers to not only play off the fun but also leverage for branding. I created Jobe the Jobsticker to help out some with sprinkling in that creativity.

What’s a fun fact about you or your career or business?

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