Got an Employer Interview Request Email? Here’s How to Respond

You’ve put in the time researching jobs, applying to positions, and anxiously waiting for a company to show interest. The moment has arrived, and you’ve received an email from an employer requesting an interview ” congratulations, you did it! This company has taken an interest in your skills and is ready to meet the person behind the resume. Now is the time to respond quickly and with enthusiasm. Here are a few things to keep in mind when writing a proper response.

If You’re Responding to an Interview Request Email

First and foremost, make sure you thank an employer for his or her consideration. There’s a reason for wanting to meet with you, and every conversation moving forward is vital. Review the job details again and decide if you’re still interested in the position. If not, politely decline the interview with a brief reason why, and thank the company for the opportunity. If you want to continue perusing the position, respond with your availability for an interview and provide your phone number again to keep the lines of communication open. Stay clear of using any slang, emoticons or emojis. We know you’re excited, but you can keep an email upbeat and friendly without distractions. Finally, give your message one final read-through before sending ” you do not want to have any typos in this email!

If You’re Asked to Email Someone Else to Schedule an Interview

Sometimes the person who responds to your application isn’t the person with whom you’ll interview. He or she may ask you to coordinate with someone else within the company to move forward in the hiring process. When this happens, first reply to the original sender thanking him or her for the consideration and confirm that you’ll follow up with the other individual. When you write an email to the new contact, start by explaining why you’re writing in the first place. Start with how you received an email from XX requesting that you reach out to schedule an interview for the specified position. Finish by asking about appointment availability and that you look forward to discussing the role in greater detail. If your schedule isn’t necessarily flexible, list the best days and times that work for you and go from there.

If You’re Asked to Call to Schedule an Interview

In some situations, an employer may request in the responding email for you to call the office to schedule an interview. Before you pick up the phone, respond to the email. Send a brief thank you and let him or her know what day and time you plan to call. This ensures that someone is at the office to answer the phone, and eliminates any confusion and unnecessary phone tag scenarios.

If Any Follow-Up Questions Are Asked

It’s common for an employer to ask a few additional questions in his or her initial response ” think of it as a preliminary interview with you. If the topic is your career path, provide a comparison of your resume to the job description. Show your interest in the position and industry, as well as how both align with your skills. If you’re asked company-related questions, research this information online via a blog or social media, and give a detailed response. If it’s about skills not included on your resume, tell the truth and don’t be intimidated. Turn the focus on the fact that, as an employee, you’re eager to adapt and learn new skills for the position.

If the topic is salary requirements, you’ve got a couple of ways to answer. When an employer asks this question, it’s typically because he or she wants to get a feel for your expectations and if those align with what the business can offer you. If you want to find out more about the job first, respond that you’re looking for a competitive offer, and that you’d like to know more before discussing the figures. You can also offer a salary range instead of one figure so there’s a little more flexibility to consider.

We’re excited you got to this point in the job-hunting process, and we’re confident you’ll nail that job interview! But if you need a little assistance, like brushing up on your interview skills, we’d be happy to provide some suggestions! Contact us and we’ll make sure you walk into any interview with confidence!

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