Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters

As competition grows in this ailing economy, guerilla marketing is a new alternative. Just make sure the company culture accepts your methods, so they think you are clever and not crazy! Think of original ways to market yourself in a creative manner. You can get the job you want by not doing what everyone else is doing! Stand out!

Place your picture and a brief career summary on a billboard. Although expensive, it shows employers your creativity, passion and drive to land the perfect job.

Personal Resume Website
Create a website tailored towards your skills and resume. Some can be expensive, but the chances on being found increase due to the Internet being used a main search tool for recruiters. Post a portfolio of projects you have worked on to show skills you can offer to a prospective employer.

Windshield Marketing
Distribute flyers on cars promoting yourself, skill sets or resume.

Donuts and Breakfast
Bring the office donuts or breakfast every Friday, specifically to the department where you want to work. They get to know you and your work ethic better. This is a popular practice of clients and vendors to stay fresh in the company’s mind.

T-shirt Promotion
Use a single-shirt maker service such as, to create a piece of apparel that highlights your career assets and credentials.

Sandwich Boards
Stand (or dance!) on a street corner with a sign presenting your credentials or career summary. Make sure it is a popular and SAFE corner.

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