Hey Students & College Grads! Quick Tip Behind Campus Recruiting Logic

I think first and foremost, the student or graduate needs to understand that there are hundreds of applicants to get through as a recruiter on campus, so make sure to keep it short and sweet for their sake. Trust me, even though they most likely won’t show it, they will get a little rushed and annoyed if you’re the one who sucks all the time out of them with a barrage of accomplishments they’re only half-listening to.

They know, you’re the president of this, volunteer at that, dean’s list in this school, and member of that club…a lot of people have a lot to offer. Just make sure to leave behind a resume for them demonstrating all these wonderful accomplishments if they even give you the benefit of the doubt.

Keep this meeting to something along the lines of who you are, what you’re major and interests are, and that you’d like to leave a resume in case there’s an open full-time requisition or internship available that you may be a good fit for. Let your resume shine on those accomplishments with a big, lit up spotlight whisking them into talent acquisition land bliss. Also, follow-up with them after a week to nudge them towards that spotlight. If there’s a fit, TRUST ME, they will reach out. Recruiters live for a new (matching) resume.

Finally, make sure to prioritize your event at school. Do not just show up and show in at all the company tables. You may not have enough time, and flat out some companies will not be a fit for you. If you’re a biotech major, a job at an accounting firm might be a stretch. So research the companies, do a job opening search of those companies you target and create a list of who you want to meet. Bring up those openings too if there’s a correlation and availability in their respective area.

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