Hiring Managers Are Busy People, People!

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I’m a hiring manager who just lost another employee to poaching, in the process of losing a key customer because of the lack of headcount, and am behind on 3 concurrent projects. It’s 4:00 PM on a Tuesday and I have to stop what I’m doing to sift through resumes. Frankly, I do not like doing this part of the job. I rely on my recruiters to do the heavy lifting here and qualify the candidate pool.

I’m the recruiter who wants to please my managers with solid candidates and timely fills. My livelihood rests on liaising between the candidate and the hiring manager.

You’re the candidate, applying to said manager’s newly opened role, and you want to stand out.

You write your resume as best as you can and it goes something like: “I have 5 years of experience and am a fast learner and am solid at communications.”

You submit it through the online portal. You wait and wait. You receive a rejection letter.

Your friend who applied for the job used her resume that went something like: “Collaborative team builder and national industry award-winner with 10+ years of experience growing revenue by $100M+ throughout entire tenure by cultivating relations with 4K+ clients and sustaining a 99% satisfaction rate.”

If you’re the recruiter and hiring manager, whom you picking?

By the way, your friend got the interview.

Now apply that same theory to your resume.

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