How iSolved developed a way to ferret out fake applicants…

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I came across this fascinating article by the team at Morning Brew about a company that developed technology to help sift out fake applicants.

Yes, you read that right. In the year 2023, these are things I am writing about. SMH. Dang hackers.

As an employer of roughly 2,400 people across multiple states, the HR platform iSolved screens scores of applicants on a daily basis. And almost every week, one of those applicants is fake, Amy Mosher, the companyโ€™s chief people officer, explained to HR Brew.

Fraudulent candidates can employ a multitude of tactics, with varying degrees of technological sophistication. While fake job listings target the job candidate with the aim of stealing money or obtaining sensitive, personal information, fake candidates target employers. The most common ploy in Mosherโ€™s experience, is a โ€œno call, no show,โ€ which involves a new hire failing to clock in, but still quoting a company for billable hours.

My take?

It is concerning to hear that there have been fake applicants identified in our screening process. In today’s digital age, it’s becoming increasingly common for fake or spam job candidates to apply for open positions at companies. This not only wastes time for the HR department, but it can also put the company at risk by potentially hiring individuals with fraudulent or malicious intentions. Therefore, incorporating technology into the workplace that helps screen job candidates is becoming more important than ever before.

One major benefit of using technology to screen job candidates is the ability to identify fake or spam applicants quickly and efficiently. These technologies use advanced algorithms and machine learning to scan through resumes and applications, flagging any suspicious or inconsistent information that may indicate fraudulent behavior. By doing so, HR teams can focus their efforts on genuine candidates and reduce the risk of hiring someone who may not have the necessary skills or qualifications for the job.

Another advantage of incorporating technology into the hiring process is the ability to reduce bias and ensure a fair evaluation of all candidates. Many HR platforms use standardized evaluation criteria and scoring systems, which can help eliminate subjective biases and ensure that each candidate is evaluated based on their skills and qualifications alone. This not only helps to promote diversity and inclusion within the workplace, but it also ensures that the best candidates are ultimately selected for the position.

Incorporating technology into the workplace that helps screen job candidates is becoming increasingly important for companies in today’s digital age. By using advanced algorithms and standardized evaluation criteria, HR teams can quickly identify fake or spam applicants, reduce bias, and ensure a fair evaluation of all candidates. Ultimately, this can lead to more efficient hiring processes, a reduction in risks associated with fraudulent behavior, and the selection of the most qualified and skilled candidates for open positions.

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