Are you feeling stuck in a career rut and feel hopeless? It?s hard to fathom any normalcy right now with this pandemic causing the world to pause simultaneously, all the while losing your job and now unsure how to proceed. However it doesn’t mean you are alone. Remember those words. You are not alone. Know that it takes time, especially once we do get back to the ?new? normal. So if you are thinking of a career change, or just need a new job, I want you to understand that there are resources and processes that are proven to work and help reduce your interview lead times.

I have been through this personally in fact back in 2007 when I relocated to Los Angeles from Cleveland, and had my company back then, Johnson Controls, pay for my relocation. I knew I wanted to move west, so I started looking for work in the LA area 6 months prior to the move. And it took every bit of the 6 months to land the new role. Applications took about 5 months to finally receive some real solid opportunities from Johnson Controls and BP. The interview process took over a month alone since I was an out-of-state candidate. I would send out resumes as normal utilizing any and all avenues, as well as reaching out to recruiters in that region for assistance. Recruiters are a wonderful resource and will work for free for the candidate! Once I received interviews, I was able to explain to them my situation and that I was able to be onsite as early as they needed me. I ended up receiving an offer from both BP in Long Beach and Johnson Controls in Whittier, which I was then able to leverage for negotiating a higher salary and a relocation package. The key is to start early and make it a job to find a job. Don’t give up either, determination is key when you’re already a little behind the ball since you are physically not near your targeted area. If you let them know during the hiring process that you will require sometime to begin due to educational/graduation timeline reasons, there should be some understanding of the situation and they most likely can work out a deal to not lose you as a candidate, if you’re that viable.

Some advice?
Stick with it. Don’t give up. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. You will most likely have to go months before gaining some traction and momentum in your job search. Don’t let a timeline issue deter you from finding your dream job. Remove any notion that you cannot be in that new role within two weeks of offer acceptance. Get the recruiter/hiring manager on the phone, wow them with your input, than let them know your timeline situation, and let them get excited to get you onsite without worrying about the actual date just yet. Networking online and utilizing free resources like local career coaches, recruiters and government-sponsored career resource centers. Get your name out there in your targeted area, because you never know who might pass your information along to someone hiring.

In short, I would say 6 months is a solid time to begin searching for a new job. Between the applications and various interviews, as well as the hiring process and negotiations, we’re talking months before you are in an actual new seat at a new workplace.

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