How to Clean Up Your Social Media Presence

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There are plenty of to-do items to keep in mind while you’re on a job hunt. From updating your resume to watching your email for incoming messages from potential employers, to scheduling interviews and appearances at job fairs, it can feel like a job in and of itself!

But there’s one aspect of the process that job-seekers, particularly if they belong to the younger crowd, tend to overlook. While you were responding to job postings and making inquiries, did you give your social media accounts a once-over? Now more than ever, employers are looking at applicants’ online presences to get a feel for who they are before they ever even call anyone in for an interview.

Luckily, MJW Careers has a few simple things you can do to immediately clean up your social media accounts and make them look more professional for all of the employers checking you out!

Proof your posts

Unfortunately, one of the realities of social media is that at some point, we’ve all posted something we probably shouldn’t have, or that wouldn’t be immediately taken well by a hiring manager during a quick look at your account. So when you’re not sending out resumes, set some time aside to browse through your more recent posts and either delete or edit the ones that may cause problems during the job search. And from here on out, exercise a little caution when it comes to creating new posts. You don’t need absolutely perfect grammar, and we would never discourage you from using the occasional emoji when you reply to a friend, just be more aware of what you say in the public forum.

Deactivate old or irrelevant accounts

Social media has changed so much over the years, and you might have a few older accounts that you tried out, but ended up abandoning when you decided it wasn’t for you. Go back and make sure you’ve completely deleted them, as some platforms have a grace period or require a few extra authorizations before taking them down. Facebook, for example, gives you 30 days to change your mind and reactivate your account hassle-free.


You never know what will catch a hiring manager’s eye when he or she is checking out your social media accounts. That’s why it’s a good idea to refresh all of your bios and profile photos, not to mention links to other websites or accounts. And while you’re at it, it might be time to change your handles to reflect your name as accurately as you can. We’re not saying you have to take everything personal out of your social media accounts ” especially those like Instagram, where photos and videos are most prevalent. But it doesn’t hurt to present them as true reflections of all parts of your life, and that includes the responsibility and accountability that potential employers want in the workplace.  

You’re on your way to managing the kinds of social media profiles that you can be proud of, no matter who finds them. For more job searching, resume writing, and interview tips, contact MJW Careers and let our specialists help you!


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