How To Create LinkedIn Profile Status Update (With Examples) To Tell Hiring Managers You’re Actively Looking For #Employment
Every time you appear on LinkedIn your headline or personal tag line shows up. Make sure you brand your headline as what you want to be seen as by the people on there (like hiring managers and recruiters). It is better to brand yourself for the job you want rather than the job you have because the recruiters search for a specific job title when looking for potential candidates.
The summary box in your profile needs to be your personal elevator pitch but targeted at the hiring managers/recruiters. Your elevator pitch needs to be why you are different and the value you can bring to an organization. Make sure you include some of the keywords which recruiters are likely to be searching for.
Use the second paragraph ” specialties, to list your specialties as this is a good opportunity to add in keywords as recruiters search on this section.
IMPORTANT: Update your phrase area (status update) with something like–

“Kathleen is looking for a new product manager and project assistant in Wilmington. Who do you know who may be hiring?”

“Kathleen is ready for her next training specialist position. Who can you introduce me to?”

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