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What to Do If You Don’t Know What Career Path to Choose

A good rule of thumb for any job hunter is to first take some time to do some inner soul searching. Jot down passions, things that excite you, inspire you, motivate you, things that leave a tingly feeling when you start to think deeper and deeper about the possibilities. Maybe a nonprofit where you can feel like you’re making a difference? Maybe an educator to help elevate young minds. Maybe something you do all the time and enjoy? Try to not only think about your hobbies that can possibly translate into a career, but also what types of jobs are popular and needed for long-term success, as well as the financial responsibilities of that job. Maybe you want to start up your own pillow production company. Now you need overhead and product, and overhead and product equals money. Maybe you want to start a service business to sell your wonderful content. Now you will need to put some money into marketing, or at least take time to think about how you will get noticed in the sea of online content creators. Not to deter you from trying, but know that there will be hard items to contend when pursuing your new career path.

However, every venture, big or small, starts somewhere. Every billion-dollar corporate had to start with $5 and a small loan, more or less. Every entrepreneur or CEO had to start with their first sale or internship, respectively.? So my advice is to stick with it. Don’t give up. Don’t stop pounding the pavement and making this new career work for you. I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. You will most likely have to go months before gaining some traction and momentum in your new job search/career path. You must continue to learn what you are good at and can present value as to a potential employer or client. What makes you unique? What makes you different? What excites you? Now let’s blend all of this and try to get you on a new path towards success, but more importantly, happiness.

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